E-learning platforms

E-Learning Platforms

With such a wide range of online learning platforms out there, it’s important that you make the best choice for your learners and your organisation – to avoid getting locked in to a learning platform that doesn’t work for you in the long term.


we focus on some must-haves of any online learning platform to help you make the right decision for you:

E-Learning Platforms supporting Adaptive Learning and dedicated to delivering highly interactive educational packages. It supports educational processes between Teachers and Students.


The Teachers registered within the platform have a number of possibilities to assign tasks, organise projects or arrange tests for their Students. Since they have full access to Students’ activities.


Student accounts can be organised in groups and classes and can have access to a number of courses or eContent packages assigned by the Teachers.

Integrated Library

An integrated library that contains all books and educational content for all classes or educational materials provided by the educational platform and also for all teachers or content providers via the platform.

Open architecture

An API enabling the connection with third-party LMS platforms and creating new look & feel and functionality that will meet different age-group expectations.


Intuitive assignment functionality with full reporting and monitoring capabilities, including individual and group assignment types that support personalized learning needs.


Wide variety of reports clearly presenting students’ results, the time they have spent with eContent material, number of revisions, help buttons clicks and many others pieces of information.


Real-time audio, video and text-based communication
Easy presentation of slideshows, documents and screen content
Sharing, downloading and recording of complete lectures and sharing or viewing them afterward.

Administrative & Financial

Our service portfolio covers an entire software development life cycle.

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