CRM Systems

CRM Systems

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps automate and manage the customer lifecycle for sales and marketing departments. 

CRM software consolidates customer information into a single repository so users can better organize and manage relationships, automates common processes, and provides tools to monitor performance and productivity.

CRM features

  1. Contact management
    • Stores contact information such as names, addresses, and social media accounts in a searchable database.
  2. Interaction tracking
    • Add notes and track interaction history to document conversations with specific contacts like providers , clients , suppliers …etc 
  3. Document management
    • Collect, upload, store, and share documents in a centralized location, making it easier for everyone involved to access information.
  4. Workflow automation
    • Automate repetitive tasks by creating workflows that trigger actions or send follow-up reminders for next actions.
  5. Reporting/analytics
    • Get routine summary reports of sales figures or sales rep performance (e.g., on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc., basis).

Mobile CRM

Take customer relationship management on a remote device using mobile CRM programs and apps. Staff can view data and receive valuable alerts about campaigns on a mobile device.

Our service portfolio covers an entire software development life cycle.

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