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Glamera secures 6-figure seed funding

Glamera, the beauty services booking company, has successfully obtained six-figure seed funding from Saudi Arabia’s Dual Gate Investment Holding, to expand its reach in Riyadh and Jeddah.

The company’s app enables women to book services at beauty salons, beauty clinics, diet and dental clinics and with makeup artists. The ease of use, number of providers, clarity of prices and variations of packages form a competitive advantage wall for Glamera in front of new users.

Co-founder and CEO, Mohamed Hassan said, “The changes that the coronavirus has made have became a great advantage for Glamera. The current circumstances have prompted users to realise the importance of pre-booking for all services, including in the beauty sector.”

He added, “It has also raised awareness among the providers for joining the app to schedule their client’s appointments through pre-booking.”

Omar Fathy, CTO of Glamera, added, “We have a powerful team of the best technical developers and expert project managers, working continuously to improve the design of the application interface to suit users, in addition to coming up with recent version of the application within days that will impress users.”

The startup was launched in September 2019, and now boasts 100,000 users in addition to 600 providers in Egypt and another 120 in Riyadh. It currently covers the Saudi cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, the Egyptian cities of Cairo and Alexandria, as well as Erbil in Iraq.

Glamera provides many other services besides booking capabilities, including a free consultations module with a selection of doctors and hairdressers. This enables users to ask for any consultation regarding diet, beauty, dental and hair inquiries, in addition to providing home services.

The founders are continuously looking to build the Glamera brand, with future plans set to see the company expand in six countries, namely Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

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