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Glamera officially launches in KSA

Committed to their slogan “from 1 city to 6 countries”, Glamera application has announced officially that they started their work in KSA to be covering now Cairo, Alexandria and Riyadh.

Glamera is the first mobile application in the Middle East to reserve all beauty services such as, beauty salons, beauty clinics, dental clinics and diet clinics.

Glamera was launched by July 2019, and it is existing in Cairo and Alexandria with more than 350 service providers, as well as in Saudi Arabia – Riyadh – over 80 service providers so far, and serving more than 70,000 users.

Mohamed Hassan, CEO of Glamera said: ” The rapid growth of the application is a result of dealing with a very large market that accommodates the launch and our work to serve all users to preserve their time and always strive for their comfort, and this step came through the rapid development of the application and our productive team as well as through the presence of investors who have the desire to expand in this industry.

“Glamera is seeking to cover the largest number of targeted places within the expansion plan during 2020, and meet the wishes of all users, through some innovative improvements that will be disclosed very soon.” said Dhafer Al shehri Co-Founder of Glamera

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