4 dangerous SEO mistakes affect your website success

Every SEO specialist wants to improve their website rankings and get more traffic, and between more than 200 factors of SEO techniques with updates, it’s really challenging to keep up with all of these updates and priorities them according to their rank. So as a SEO specialist now, you need to continually keep up with the latest trends in the world of SEO to stay ahead of your competition, but it's more important to avoid mistakes, if you find you are making any of the mistakes listed below, it is important that you fix the situation as quickly as possible.

1- Your website has turtle speed According to" Google", your website loading speed is one of the most influential factors for your ranking, a slow loading speed not only degrades the user experience but also drops down your website conversions and raise your bounce rate. You can use Google Page Speed tool for tracking your website loading speed and performance.

2- Your website content is poor You must know that Content is King’, it make your business look different from others, so you should always keep in mind that you are not writing for Google but for the readers. Google’s primary objective is to give the best information to their users. Consequently, if you are writing high- quality content, then surely Google will appreciate it.

3- Missing internal links Internal linking is one of the easiest factors of improving your SEO, and it is easy also to forget about because of this simplicity.

Now you have strong content, and you have to make sure that you have a link back to another landing page or previous article you have written.